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Decreasing Debtors' amount.


At Fincas Faro Tenerife We achieve a better life in your property, with a good relationship between all the members and  will work since the begining to decrease or avoid the increase of the debtors number and amount.


What is more, we have an Laws Advisory Service for all related with the property, in order to help you to reduce the debtors prevalence before starting other kind of serious processes.

Community Administration & Property Management


Fincas Faro Tenerife is managed by Our Professionally awarded Community & Property Administrator to deal with your Property and Facilities carefully for your peacefull.


Setting up the common Property body and Rules, preparing and asistance to meetings, managing with summaries and sending informations and adverts.


Calculating and proposing the Economic plan for the year, accounts' balance, payments and expenses supervision (constant surveillance to avoid debtors).


Monthly and Anual information about the accounts' balance.


Online Manager - 24 hours, updated information of your interest..

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